CNC bending

Currently we have four Safan press brakes. For small parts, the best choice is the E-Brake 35 ton servo-electric press brake with table length of 1,250 mm. On the other hand, for the largest parts or parts of higher material thickness, we use the hydraulic press H-Brake with 320 tons and table length of 3,600 mm.  All press brakes are equipped with a network card and can read programs using bar code scans. We can also process these programs using the AUTOPOL off-line application with the list of all tools available. Therefore, it is possible to assess the complexity and feasibility of any bend very easily and quickly.

Main features

  • Clamping: WILA
  • Maximum tonnage: 35 tons
  • Maximum tonnage: 320 tons
  • Minimum charring length: 1,250 mm
  • Maximum charring length: 4,100 mm
  • Maximum bending thickness: 15 mm

Safan H-Brake 320

Safan E-Brake 35